Can someone please explain the Xfinity brand?

I know this is not very topical, but every time I see Xfinity advertising I kind of scratch my head and just go, “huh?”. Each time I see another ad I am thinking I am going to get it, kind of like when you keep opening the refrigerator every 5 minutes hoping something new will be there. It’s time I used a lifeline, can someone explain it?

For those who may not know, about 2 years ago Comcast rebranded their cable, telephone, and internet services Xfinity, and retained Comcast as the parent company.

Here is what I don’t get. If they wanted to distance themselves from negative perceptions of the Comcast brand, fine, I understand that (well, I understand the theory at least, don’t necessarily agree with the logic). But they continue to heavily connect the Xfinity brand to Comcast (through co-branding, endorsements, etc.). I actually have never seen the Xfinity brand without Comcast.

I have read that a primary reason is that Comcast was not doing well with customer service, and wanted to put a new focus on that so they created a new brand. How is investing the millions and millions (and millions and millions…) of dollars required to build and manage a new brand going to address your customer service problems? Especially when you continue to attach it to the Comcast brand? I would think that all that money used to build Xfinity would be better invested if it were put toward FIXING YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Maybe I am missing something. I also thought that maybe it is just a transition and Comcast will eventually go away. Doesn’t look like it. Comcast is still there with no signs of disappearing, and in today’s day of transparency customer’s would still know anyway. So then I thought maybe they are setting that portion of the company up to be spun off. But this is the huge bulk of what Comcast is and is known for. I guess this is still possible, but doesn’t seem likely.

It just seems like the Xfinity brand is an unnecessary waste of resources. Can anyone help me understand this?

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  1. J. Miller says:

    I’m in exactly the same boat as C. Gunnar Jacobs. I keep thinking that the lightbulb will go on with each new commercial, but it never does. In fact, it was a commercial that finally prompted me to Google the issue, and I came across this commentary. I’m a Comcast customer, and I asked one of their service folks on the phone about a year ago exactly what Xfinity was, and she couldn’t explain it at all. This attempted rebranding is a failure, in my opinion, because it means literally nothing with respect to my service except confusion.

  2. Will Meeker says:

    To me, Comcast is attempting to differentiate the two sides of their brand. The plug in the wall = Comcast and the experience is Xfinity. Across the industry no one is know for good customer service when it comes to the plug in the wall, but Xfinity is competing with Hulu and Netflix Streaming. As a product goes, Xfinity makes it so you don’t need to pay extra for the competition because its included in your bill for having the plug.

    In the case of having good customer service at the plug you have Webpass, but they have content provided with your service.

    Sure it would be the same with it just having Comcast across the board, but with Xfinity they are building other experiences that counteract the bad customer service of the plug while still keeping people paying the bill.


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